EuroQCI Spain at Quantum Communications Networks in Aveiro, Portugal

Quantum Communications Networks

From February 26 to 27, the Instituto de Telecomunicações in Aveiro will host a workshop in the field of quantum communication networks, organized by the consortium PTQCI.

The event aims to bring together key players in the field of quantum technologies to discuss and exchange ideas about implementing the future quantum communications network in its national and European aspects. The presentations will be dedicated to the PTQCI project and other international quantum networks (Spain, Austria, and the USA), involving the government, industrial entities, and academic institutions.

The consortium PTQCI’s main objective is to develop and deploy quantum communications infrastructure in Portugal within the EuroQCI – European Quantum Communications Network – an initiative that will seek to deploy quantum secure communications over Europe in the next years.

The consortium is made up of universities and research centers such as Instituto de Telecomunicações, ISEL, and IST, national bodies such as GNS, IPQ, and FCCN, industrial entities such as Deimos, Adyta, Omnidea and Warpcom, and telecommunications companies such as IP Telecom and Altice Labs.