This year, the Mobile World Congress 2024 (MWC24) has hosted once again The European Quantum Zone. Curated by ICFO and located in Hall 6 – Stand 6A8, it featured the latest achievements and advances mainly in the field of quantum technologies, and in particular quantum communications, in tone with the audience of the mobile that is interested in cybersecurity, telecommunications, artificial intelligence, finance, healthcare, reliability and agility in secure communications, data centers and 6G, among others.

EuroQCI Spain was included as part of the European Initiatives that were present at the European Quantum Zone. The consortium shared the stand with several other initiatives such as the Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) ; Quantum Secure Network Partnership (QSNP), Quantum Valley Lower Saxony (QVLS), QuKomin, and Plan Complementario de Comunicaciones Cuánticas, among others.

This year, stand included a QT corner hosting quantum coffee talks dedicated to give visitors to the stand at the MWC a glimpse of the current status and progress of Quantum Technologies and European projects that are currently taking place and are shaping the future of the telecom sectors.

As one of the invited speakers, Dr. Ignacio Lopez, researcher at ICFO and member of the consortium, gave an overview of EuroQCI Spain, explaining the type of technology that is being developed, the needs of the market, and the solutions that this technology may provide in terms of quantum cryptography for safe communications.