About the project

The Needs…

This last decade has witnessed an astonishing increase in the number of devices and systems connected to the global networks, sending information from one side of the world to the other.

Huge volumes of sensitive information are being sent through the internet, and many are unaware of how easily data can be hacked and used for malicious intentions. Therefore, one of the major concerns nowadays is security.

The Technology…

Nowadays, in the early part of the 21st century, a second quantum revolution is unfolding, where quantum phenomena unimaginable even a decade ago can now be realized, studied, and used as a basis for emerging experimental capabilities, facilitating effects that can be harnessed for game changing technological applications.

The Solution

Quantum Key Distribution is an applied encryption method based also on the laws of quantum physics, which uses quantum random number generators to create a completely secure key, that is used only once between 2 parties to share information.

The key is created by encoding its random bits into photons and transmitted via current telecom fiber optics networks or even through free space. Having this random key And adding it, bit to bit, to your string of data Is proven to be an ultra-secure method when transmitting sensitive data between two locations, such as banks, hospitals or governmental buildings and providing long time protection of our data even to quantum computers.

EuroQCI Spain Team

EuroQCI Spain is one of the 26 national projects leading the development and deployment of quantum technologies in the European Union.

The bigger Consortium

Our consortium is made of partners from different sectors: academia, industry, SMEs and spin-offs. EuroQCI Spain is part of a much bigger consortium coordinated by the project PETRUS.

EuroQCI Spain Team