UPM Leads Mini EuroQCI Demo at #EQTC2023, Showcasing Quantum Secure Video Conferencing

Professor Vicente Martin, Professor from the Univerdad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM), Director of the Research Group on Quantum Information (GIICC) and Deputy Director of the Center for Computer Simulation (CCS-UPM) spoke to the EuroQCI Spain communications team about ultra-secure video conferencing in a mini EuroQCI Demo at #EQTC2023 (Hannover, Germany).

The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, a member of EuroQCI Spain, the Quantum European Flagship project QSNP, and of the Plan Complementario de Comunicaciones Cuánticas, organized the demonstration. UPM managed the network and provided control and a key management infrastructure during the event. In collaboration with start-ups LuxQuanta and ThinkQuantum, the Italian company QTI SRL, and Quantum Optics Jena GmbH, they performed a live demonstration of quantum secure communication.

The team held the live video conference call at the EQTC conference fair area to showcase and recreate a mini version of the European Quantum Communication Infrastructure (#EuroQCI) and demonstrate the maturity level of quantum technologies for telecommunications.

EuroQCI Demo

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